About Us

Well why wouldn’t you want to know about us?

Tudor Rose is the brainchild of serial entrepreneur David Wilkes. He was behind a number of businesses including Lionheart Insurance and has helped many businesses get off the ground.

His tireless energy, restless mind and zany ideas produces a number of fire cracker opportunities. You can’t help but love the passion he brings to situations, intuitive  processes and mighty fine business sense. A plus for all of those of you who get him involved with your business.

David is ably helped by the wizardry of Jacob, an aspiring web genie and part time cyber mechanic. Jacob loves his rugby, playing for a local club. With black belt, second dan on his Karate belt, Jacob soon puts technical issues back in their place. Jacob looks after some of the key accounts ensuring all is well in the kingdom.

For all SEO support the team turn to Harvey for his sorcery skills in clever art of getting your web site to appear where it should, that is at the top. More importantly it can be easily found for the key words you want.

Where would the team be without help from the amazing efforts of Maribel. This queen bee of efficiency ensures many of the back ground jobs get completed. She must have as many arms as an octopus as she tackles invoices, chasing clients, supporting presentations, front line support amongst many, many other tasks.

No business is a business without the demon of the bookkeeping, account handling and general financial cauldron, all ably managed by Alison.

You’ve heard of us, well that will be because of the efforts of Rosie, the lady with the charm, like liquid chocolate over the telephone. Rosie wows people with presentations, client support and all things marketing.

Vicki is one of the clever ladies who runs key accounts, spends time on the road ensuring businesses are running highly efficiently. If you’ve been good and you are born lucky you get Vicki. She makes an impact wherever she goes and you’ll be glad you have her helping your business grow.

We give a cyber wave to the developers, analysts and project managers, many of whom are kept hidden away in darken rooms as bright lights affect them. Please do not feed them after midnight. You have been warned.