Business Process

Business Processes are basically what your business runs on. Everything from lead generation, selling, administration, customer service, each one has a process, a set of standard steps you will do to make things happen. A lot of these business processes grow up with the business. “Its the way we do it here”. Most are fantastic. They get the job done, satisfy the customer and make money.

The trouble happens when your business goes through a big expansion period or if you have been in business for more than 7 years and haven’t changed the way you do things.
What do I mean? Well let’s break this down:

The Expansion

For a business who goes through an expansion, new people are brought in, often in a hurry because all of the work is mounting up, they are trained on how you do thing, they get in line and push on. More people join and the same happens again. The problem is, who is checking that the thing you are teaching them is the right thing to do now? Who has the time to see if there is a better way because all of a sudden the spreadsheet which used to service the small team of 3 people is now overwhelmed with a team of 8 people. What about the simple paper ledger you use to keep a track of customers details can no longer be shared by a bigger team.

It’s time to look how we can now use modern technology to remove this bottle neck. Imagine if you like, that as the business has changed gears, battling in a bigger arena, so your business processes and typically your IT System needs to change gear and be fighting fit to keep pace with your warriors.

The Plateau

For a business that has been trading for a while, with a low turn over, why should they look at changing their business processes or investing in IT? Surely it’s been working perfectly fine for the last 7 years, so it can do so for the next 7 years? No. Technology is advancing at an amazing pace. We do not suggest you change for change sake. That would be daft. However, at the end of your 2 year mobile phone contract, do you stick with the same phone or do you upgrade? Well typically you upgrade. You don’t need to, but you do because of the advancements and that’s in just 2 years. Imagine if you would have kept the same phone for the last 7 years! You know you would be missing out on so many advances and I don’t mean the latest flappy birds game. In 7 years social media selling has taken off. Mobile phone purchasing has changed from less than 5% to 65% and is set still to climb.
So wouldn’t it make sense that you review your business processes, see what can now be automated and be aided by technology?

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