IT Strategy

As a business you will have a Business Plan, a Sales Strategy with sales forecasts and hopefully a Marketing Strategy. You have regular meetings with your managers, team meetings and staff briefings. You know what your business is about, where you are going and what you need to do. One question do you have an IT Strategy?

We don’t need an IT Strategy, we’re not an IT company


Without an IT Strategy you will find you will lurch from IT crisis to it crisis. Staff will become demotivated as their profession becomes a chore. As a result productivity will inevitability drop, customer service will suffer and customer retention will become harder and harder. Simply bringing in someone to “fix” the computers isn’t the answer. They will do a great job at fixing the symptom but not the root cause.

What’s the solution?

Make someone, who has the right experience responsible for the role. That means recruitment, a massive increase in staff costs as these people are not cheap and will there be enough for them to do full time? The real solution is to look for someone who has 30 years IT experience, who will work for a few days a month or a day or two a week. You will only have to pay them a fraction of the cost. If they are on a rolling contract you can let them go with a short notice, no tribunal to worry about as well as all of the pensions, paid holidays etc.

This is where Tudor Rose comes in. We provide IT Directors, with fantastic pedigree, on a part time basis. The costs to have these people as part of your board or senior management team is a fraction of employing someone, yet you get their experience unwatered down. Furthermore, with no baggage, they will be able to provide you a clear, unbiased view on issues inside and outside their expertise. We only have seasoned professionals who have worked within the largest consultancies. Their training, experience and exposure instantly gives you a reassurance as well as clear analytical view on your business.

Don’t put off your decision, why not have a FREE 2 hour consultation where one of our representatives will attend your offices and through a one to one meeting will help you decide if you need our services or not.

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