What is Tudor Rose all about?

Tudor Rose Consulting Ltd is here to get your business to operate more efficiently. We work with you through your business processes, identify ways in which we can make them more efficient and help you focus on your business. Removing the constraints of a labouring IT system so that it works for your business rather than the other way round.

It is not just about automating steps, it is a complete review of your business processes. What worked for you when you first started are unlikely to be fit for purpose now that you have grown in both size under staffing, work book and product range. It is not a case of doing things quicker but about doing it more efficiently. If we can remove steps from the process or using the right tools to get the job done we can remove duplication, errors and unnecessary effort being spent. The by product of this means that you get Management Information, allowing you to tweak your operation to make further efficiency improvements. You will also improve customer service through a higher quality service offering. This will provide great benefits by increasing your profit margin, customer retention and should influence sales as we arm your sales force with better, more up to date information.

We also have a large software development resource able to craft bespoke solutions which fit your business, rather than you change your business processes to fit a Complete Off The Shelf (COTS) product. By doing this, it cuts down the training time for your staff, meets the business needs and allows you to get on with your business.

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